How to protect ourselves?

The most valuable advices are the right ones!
Here we offer some lifestyle tips you can use to help you treat and manage your hemorrhoids. Following them will ensure you comfort throughout the day.


Drink plenty of water ̶ at least 1.5 to 2 litres daily. High fuild intake helps stimulate bowel movement.


Exercise regularly ̶ physical exercises, walking, swimming. Avoid some sports ̶ cycling, horse riding.

No heavy lifting

Try to avoid lifting heavy objects. This may cause further increase of the pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

No tight fitting clothes

Avoid wearing too tight fitting clothing. It can inhibit blood circulation.


Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, including hot baths and saunas.

Foods that are not recommended

Avoid foods that may cause local irritation (spicy foods, alcohol) or bowel irritation (coffee, tea).

Dietary habits

Maintain a balanced diet: rich in fibers foods, cereals, wholegrain bread, fruits and vegetables.


Use the toilet at the same time each day, for example after you wake up and drink a large glass of water.


Take care of your personal hygiene and avoid use of excessively fragranced and irritating hygiene products.

Visit your doctor

Consult your doctor and adhere to the prescribed therapy. There is an efficient pharmacological treatment for relieving hemorrhoid disease symptoms and prompt reducing of pain and bleeding.

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